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Lucky Owl Candles

We are candle obsessed here at the studio, we are very particular when it comes to our candle fix.


We do not settle for anything but the best. And here they are.... our latest project, Lucky Owl Supply, introducing our first offering, candles!


Clean burning plant wax candles to delight your senses and fill your space with aromatics.


Four superb blends to choose from, if you can ;)


Campfire Stories

A warm blend filled with smoked bark and wood, a little enchanted spice and green Earth. Comforting, dream like and nostalgic. 


In the Groove

Yep, get in that zen zone, that peaceful easy feeling. Sail along an emerald sea in your dream boat. An exotic yet familiar Nag Champa blend with a hint of sweet oranges... just trust us, it will get you in the groove.


Pricks and Roses

Every rose, does in deed have its thorn, those pricky little daggers that are its simple yet effective line of defense. Such is life. This blend focuses on the the intoxicating heady glory of the rose bloom. with notes of Brazilian and White Roses supported by an ensemble of notes such as golden amber, oud and Sandalwood. Rose lovers unite.


In the Pines

Wish you were in a majestic pine forest but aren't? We have you covered. Slip under the aromatic cloud of the wild pines anywhere.  Pine cones, Cypress, Balsam oh my. The good stuff.


3.5 ounce tin with a cotton wick 20  hour burn time

Blended with only pure essential oils, and toxin free, phthalate free, clean burning fragrance oils.

Enjoy and come back for more, we'll be here!

Lucky Owl Candles

Mid-Late February
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